Monday, December 29, 2014

VolcanoBox 2.8.7, Happy Birthday Day to Volcano,Details about Merapi Pack 1 & Vitools

Happy Birthday VolcanoBox !! 3 Unbeatable Years 10 Nov 2011 VolcanoBox was Released in the very 1st time. Today it’s Nov again but 2014. Very successful 3 years of volcanobox. We Appreciate & Thanks to all of you who really push us hard to make something really amazing and Results in Front you. 3 Years Non Stop updates, Unbeatable 3 Years which makes Good Earn to VolcanoBox’s Users. I just want to Wish All of you and Hope you guys will be with us same as from last 3 years. Congrats to VolcanoBox Team, Managers, Supporters, Hidden Supporters & Users… On this Occasion I want to Release Two Things, ...VolcanoBox Pack 1 & Volcano Iphone Tools… VolcanoBox Pack1 aka Merapi Pack VolcanoBox Pack1 aka Merapi Pack is One time Activation. It’s not an Annually Subscription & it have really a lot. We set very minimal price of pack 1. 39USD for END Users. Price may very reseller to reseller. But recommended price is 39 USD. Users who want to buy ViTools will get Pack1 for Free !! We will give updates to Non Pack1 Users too But All Hot & Exclusive updates will be on Pack1. Pack1 will help us to make VolcanoBox more powerful in term of R&D. At the moment Pack 1 have many New & Hot things…

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